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How to color your hair/skin in Poptropica without using the colorizer

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In this post, I’ll tell you where to color your hair and skin in Poptropica, the easy and free way!

You can buy the colorizer in the store for 250 credits, BTW. But then you have to complete 5 islands first. That’s a lot of hard work!


Go to Early Poptropica. Run to the left until you see a sign that says “Poptropica Towers”. Go there. You’ll see a guy next to a sign that says “Pigments”. There are many balloons, each with a different color. Click on a balloon to change your skin color. (Example: if you want your skin to be purple, click on a purple balloon).


Go to 24 Carrot Island. When you arrive there, you’ll see a diner called Carrot King Diner. Enter the diner. Run to the left until you see a smoothie machine. Click on the machine. There are 5 colors, (white,black, blue,yellow, red). Click on the color you like, then click on drink. (Example: If you want your hair color to be black, click on the black smoothie (what kind of flavor it is??). If you want your hair color to be pink click on the white and red smoothie).

Author: Scαя⑂ Pʟu❡ 卌

I love poptropica! Been playing since a couple of years ago. Also a proud member of the 5sos fam. :) I SHIP CAKE! xx

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